Be advised:This app is designed to provide a effortless booking experience for commercial proprietors and home studios. The app is not intended for customer or tenant booking purposes.


There are two options of using the BookAJam application on your mobile device.


1. The Renter: Once you have signed up and created a profile, you will be given the option to rent out your studio. As a renter, you pick the times of availability using our calendar feature. You have the freedom to pick the days you want to be available and what time of day you wish to rent out your studio. Since you are your own boss, you're also given the ability to price your studio hourly as you see fit. Make all transactions with our easy to use payment system through our mobile app. Have the option to pick what you want available in your space. Example: back lined drum set, PA system, microphones etc. Make your listing more inticing to create more business and ultimately putting more money in your pocket. Earn extra $money$ by renting out your recording or rehearsal studio today!


2. The Rentee: As a rentee you have access to a wide network of recording or rehearsal studios in your area. Once you've downloaded the app on your mobile device and create a profile, you'll have the ability to look through our easy to use GPS location system. See who's in your area listing there studio, at what hourly price and availability for your next recording or rehearsal session. Make your music life easier, FIND IT,​ BOOK IT, JAM IT! All with one easy to use mobile app!





As a renter there are a few tips we recommend to keep your space a successful outlet for making some extra money. 



  1. SOUND PROOFING. There are lots of things you can do in order to keep the sound levels to a minimum. Sound proofing is a great way to keep your space operating with ease. Find the right way to sound proof your space. If money's tight, look into DIY sound proofing techniques, most materials can be found at your local Hardware store for a fraction of the price of professional sound proofing equipment.


  2. SECURE YOUR SPACE. BookAJam will not be responsible for any burglary or theft, so it's your responsibility to make your space as secure as possible. Do what you need to do in order to keep your space secure and safe. Example: Locks on all doors and windows, pad locks on exterior doors, motion lights, alarm system and cameras if needed. 


  3. KEEP YOUR SPACE CLEAN. No one likes walking into a dirty smelly room, be mindful of the condition of your space. Make people want to keep coming back.


  4. BE KIND TO YOUR NEIGHBORS. If you have neighbors close by, be aware of your neighborhood noise compliance order. Although there is no limitation on how many hours you rent out your space, BookAJam is not liable for any noise complaints that my arise out of the operation of your studio


  5. RULES. Make sure in your studio description you include any and all rules you have in order for rentees to know how your space operates. Examples: No food or drink, no smoking, parking instructions etc. Limit your risk of having misunderstandings or altercations with unruly rentees.


 6. SET UP AND BREAK DOWN. Setting up and breaking down of music equipment can take some time. Be sure to remind the rentee to manage there time accordingly. It's a good idea to have a 30min break in between scheduled sessions to account for any delays or clean up. 


  7. CHECK YOUR EQUIPMENT/POWER. If you advertise your studio with certian perks like PA system, and microphones etc. Check and make sure your equipment is in working condition. Pay your electric bill, if you have no power you have no practice. 




What is your payment process? Our payment process is done internally through the app. We use Stripe, a third party payment processing system. 


How does the availability and booking work? If you are listing a "venue" you can set the availability by using our calendar feature. You can select the exact day and time that your venue is available. If you are looking to book a recording or rehearsal session, you can use our search filter to pinpoint the exact time, date, price and location of your next session. 


Is the app free for download? BookAJam is 100% free to download in the Apple AppStore. 


What are your fees? BookAJam takes a 12% flat fee of each transaction. Stripe (third part payment processing) takes 2.9% plus a 30¢ flat fee for each transaction. 


Why can't I find BookAJam in the Apple AppStore? The app is still new and does not always show up when searched. For best search results try combining the words. Example: BookAJam You can click the link below the FAQ to go directly to our Apple AppeSotre page.


Does BookAJam work internationally? unfortunately BookAJam is only available in the United States as of now. 


Is BookAJam on android? As of now BookAJam is only for Apple IOS and other Apple devices. 


Is there a web portal? BookAJam is only operational through the Mobile Application. Our website is for informational and contact purposes only. 


Is there Integrating with other platforms? We do not integrate with other platforms. BookAJam is a all in one booking and payment processing outlet.


Does BookAJam do the booking for me? BookAJam does not do the booking for your venue. We are merely an outlet to connect one party to another and provide an effortless booking and payment experience for both parties. 


How do i list multiple rooms? If you have multiple rooms in your establishment, you can "add a venue" for each individual studio to manage the availability of set room. 


What's the cancellation refund policy? To insure a refund for your booking cancellation, it must be done 24 hours before the scheduled booked venue.


Other questions: If you have any other questions, please email us at:

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